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The most significant indicator of a country’s growth is considered to be its utilization of information technology. And the latest concept in information technology is the Internet, better known is the information super highway. The Internet, that vast network of cables and satellites that links together countless computers, can make communication cheap and instantaneous. The world can be brought to your fingertips through the effortless exchange of ideas and information.

Recognizing the enormous benefit a tool like the Internet could provide for Bangladesh. Thus, Kawsar IT was formed equipped with the most up-to date hardware and software.

Kawsar IT has been Savar’s leader in Internet service since it commenced operation in July 2014. The company boasts of so many clients in various sectors. In order to provide seamless access to the Internet, Kawsar IT has obtained with hunting features. It also offers customer service, technical support, WebPages consulting, and a help desk. The company’s WebPages provides extensive information on the company, as well as many useful links to aid users in exploring cyberspace 24 hours a day.

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